chick mcgeehan

Previously sold work and available work.

Nude Study

Small painting working with life model.

Oil on Board
7" x 5"

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Sunlit Alleyway Nice
Spring Blossoms Edinburgh
Making Ready, Crail Fife
Afternoon Light Newburgh
Edinburgh Syline
Morning, old town Nice
Troubadour Granada
Ampitheatre Lucca
Blue Boats, small version.
Evening Gold Irvine Harbourside
Harbourside November (Irvine)
October Stroll Lucca
Riverside Pisa
October Light Lucca
Memory of Barga
Open Windae Sandbed Street Kilmarnock
October Afternoon Lucca
Big Bass Man
John Lee Hooker in Session
Irvine Sunset
Archway Chania Crete
Early Morning Light, Rothesay, Isle of Bute
Morning Light Rothesay
Springtime in Nice
Afternoon Light Lucca
Sunny Courtyard Crete
Chuck Berry Duck Walk
Chuck Berry on Stage in White Loafers
Dundee Backies, Step Row Dundee
Homage to Jaco
Homage to Jaco
Nude Study
Nude Study
Sam 1
Tuscan Hill Town
Portrait of Jonathan
Sam 10
Sam 2
Sam 3
Sam 4
Sam 5
Sam 6
Sam 7
Sam 8
Sam 9
Girl Standing
Impressions, Berwick on Tweed
St Andrews Street Scene
Charlie Parker in Session
The Eyes Have It
Detail from "The Eyes Have It"
Reflections, Irvine Harbour
Swans 2
Swans 3
Daniel detail
Spartan out for Repair
Out for Repair 2
Another Beauty Having a Makeover
Winter Light Merchant City, Glasgow.
Harbour Mood
Harbour Nocturne
Figure Study
Seated Nude Study
Nude in Black Robe Study
Nude Study
Nude on Chair 2
Reclining Nude Study
Three Graces
Three Graces 2
Meditation with Sam
Afternoon Stroll in the Ampitheatre Lucca
Mist Isle tied up at Irvine harbour
Ballet Study 1
Ballet Pracitise
Reclining Nude
Perfect Geometry
Harbour Nocturne in Oils
Harbour Mood
Fishing Boat Rothesay
The Puffer "Spartan" at Irvine Harbour
Repairing the Hull
Anchor and Palette
Glove and Generator (Lunch Break)
The puffer "Spartan" and "Kyles" at Irvine Harbour
Low Light on Tug Boat (detail) poster for current exhibition
Working on the Hull
Little Tug Boat Painting
Glove and Generator
Winter Light on the "City of Adelaide"
Fishing Trawler Ullapool
Fishing Boats Ullapool
Table for Two
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